MatchBox Latency

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Point to Point Latency Measurement

The new latency feature for MatchBox measures the actual time of flight from the front of multiple cameras, all the way through the broadcast chain,with milli-second accuracy. Complete timing quality assurance, end to end.

Whether you need to align the outputs from a variety of cameras - wired and wireless - at a live event or in a virtual production studio, MatchBox Latency takes the guesswork out of the equation and precisely calculates the delays between them in seconds.

Delays between different camera types, especially in different locations - whether around a stadium, virtual production studio or from remote production units around the world - can be quickly and accurately measured by the MatchBox Analyser by simply holding an iPhone running the MatchBox Glass app in shot.

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Measuring broadcast delays

See how Hitomi MatchBox solutions can be used to measure timing alignment of live broadcasts to make sure you hear what you see.

Designed specifically for live production workflows, Hitomi's easy-to-use tools save precious time as well as providing reassurance and proof of quality.

It's about time

The new MatchBox Latency feature measures any potential delay between the different cameras to ensure your audio and video feeds line up perfectly.

This is particularly important for live productions with multiple camera set-ups around a stadium such as this one Russell is talking from at Twickenham.