MatchBox Analyser

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A Perfect MatchBox

MatchBox Analyser is the constant half of our 2-part solution for lip-sync, coherence and channel identification. With either MatchBox Generator or MatchBox Glass replacing clapper boards and tapping mics, the Analyser is the device at the receiving end that replaces eyes and ears.

MatchBox Analyser looks for that fixed test sequence sent by MatchBox Generator and calculates the difference between what it knows should be there and what it actually receives. Accurate measurements are then provided of the delay between the arrival of the sound and associated vision.

This means that guesswork is replaced by a highly accurate, electronic generator and receiver that compose and submit their respective signals to the best and most accurate pair of eyes and ears you could ever imagine, i.e. electronics that know exactly what should line up, and it if doesn’t.

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Audio Video timing is measured to a resolution of 0.1ms with a maximum range of +/- 2 seconds. The MatchBox video signal from the generator is tolerant of almost all processing which does not add movement to the centre area of the picture, including up down cross conversion, frame rate conversion and compression.

Coherence is the measure of precise alignment of audio legs with respect to each other. This is especially important with surround sound, where unpleasant comb filtering effects can dramatically distort the frequency response of the system if mistimed audio legs are mixed together. Legs should be kept to within 0.1 audio samples to minimise this effect.

MatchBox measures coherence to a precision of 0.01 samples.

It is now easy to check the relative timing of SDI video channels against each other and the video reference. The Transport Timing measurement indicates the literal timing of the SDI transport vs another SDI or the reference. This is great to confirm video feeds are genlocked and with the 4K open allows you to instantly confirm that all four feeds of a quadlink program are in line.

What if one of your feeds has perfect transport timing but is a frame delayed? No problem! The MatchBox Analyser also checks the content timing of all the inputs for you.

Audio level is measured to +/-0.01dBFS, using a true peak algorithm, making sure that your levels are spot on.

Has one of your audio legs been inverted through the processing chain? Would you know if it was? With the MatchBox system you will, a simple indication of leg inversion is displayed.

Legs crossed? We can tell you that too! A simple display of the tones on each input channel gives immediate indication of what is on which channel... This does what your ears do when listening to BLITS tone but without the listening.

All Analyser values can be read from one page on the web-based control system in a clear and compact format. Status is updated on a second by second basis, so you do not have to wait.

The MatchBox Analyser passes through the input video and overlays all readings on a simple to understand graphic; again rapidly updating and easy to read. Clear bar graphs give an idea of magnitude of AV errors, with text readout of levels, coherence and source.