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Advanced audio and video identing

IdentBox provides a visual cue on a test pattern and confers the ability to test all the visuals and coms before broadcasting to prevent the possibility of live, on air mishaps.

Text overlaid on a test pattern can be used to indicate what is about to be shown, where, and from what camera. This is extremely useful for those at the other end, where they have loads of feeds coming in. The content has yet to be captured and broadcast, but to test all the visuals and coms beforehand is invaluable.

Even for the best and most experienced professionals, potentially more so with the advent of remote production requirements, it’s easy to get confused. So a visual cue on a test pattern that identifies it exactly is a subtle, but substantial benefit.

Similarly with multiple audio channels, all test tones can sound alike. IdentBox has a text-speech synthesiser so that the spoken word can easily be inserted into audio feeds. For example, after a sequence of tones the voice could say "commentary channel".

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Audio tones are easily configurable per channel. Just choose GLITS, BLITS, or continuous tones. Tones can also be conveniently generated as encoded Dolby. All tones are precisely generated at 24 bit resolution.

No need for the time consuming and inflexible pre-recorded sequences; our text to speech synthesis handles it all for you! You can insert phrases onto the audio outputs at regular intervals and create common prefixes with staggered leg ident to identify channels without the idents talking over each other. All of this is configurable via simple text entry through the web interface, and applied within seconds.

Once you have a IdentBox you will not need another TPG! Whether you want plain bars, sweeps, ramps, pathological, RP219 bars or even High Dynamic Range (HDR BT2111) our flexible TPG will do the job.... and if the pattern you are looking for is not there, we are happy to add patterns for our valued customers.

Designed for clear readability and contrast. Our text ident generation boasts tidy anti-aliased text with a neat outline for clear display against any background. A range of available fonts, sizes and colours get your line identification across.

Customise your source with a logo or other graphic. Logo insertion allows you to upload and place your graphic keyed into the source.

MatchBox has all your SDI needs covered from SD to 12G. A single card can output up to four uniquely idented test patterns at SD, HD or 3G, or a single channel of UHD (quadlink or 12G). With four Generators loaded into the xFrame that’s 16 outputs in a 1U form factor!

Lock the video output to Black&Burst or Tri-Level house references.

Simply type the IP address of your IdentBox into a web browser and set it up! This clear and compact interface can be used on any PC, Mac and touch screen device.