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Easily align audio to video video to video audio to audio accurately and in seconds

Everyone has seen presenters tapping on their microphones saying “one, two…” and clapper boards, which were invented in the early days of motion pictures to synchronise vision and sound.

These methods rely on a human, subjective interpretation of whether a sound is in sync with the video. This is hard to rely on for accuracy, especially as distances between the subject and a master control room increase. And any misalignments are much more noticeable these days with audiences enjoying hyper-clear pictures and near cinema-quality audio in the home. Even the slightest mismatch of sound and video is noticeable and all too often can lead to viewers switching channels.

Hitomi takes guesswork out of the equation, replacing subjective estimates with highly accurate, electronic test audio and video generators along with a state-of-the-art analyser.


Hitomi MatchBox Solutions


>Hitomi MatchBox Solutions



Step 1: Precision timing with test pattern generators

What if you replaced mic tapping and clapper board with a very specific test pattern that had a repeatable, known, highly precise quality accompanied by a sound that was equally repeatable and precise?

That’s what a signal generator like MatchBox Generator, IdentBox or our new iOS app MatchBox Glass does. It transmits a known, verified, and perfectly timed signal.

Choose from:

MatchBox Generator


A fully-fledged test pattern generator with advanced audio/video identing

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MatchBox Glass


A complete lip-sync and latency test source on your phone!

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All that MatchBox Generator offers without the lip-sync option

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Stuck for choice?

Check out our comparison guide here:

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Step 2: Precision measurement with the MatchBox Analyser

So far so good? Having perfectly timed test pattern generators is great for a start, but if at the other end there’s still a human being making subjective observations and adjustments, it makes the whole process less accurate than it should – in fact has to – be these days.

So, to close that loop, you need a device at the receiving end that replaces eyes and ears.

And that is precisely what MatchBox Analyser does..

MatchBox Analyser

MatchBox Analyser calculates the difference between what it knows should be there and what it actually receives and measures it to generate a precise reading that indicates the difference between audio and video feeds.

Guesswork is replaced by a highly accurate, mechanised generator and receiver that compose and submit their respective signals to the best and most accurate pair of mechanical eyes and ears you could ever imagine

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Step 3: Keeping it all together safely with the xFrame


A modular 1RU frame

The xFrame hosts up to 4 MatchBox Modules of any combination enabling expansion and future proofing. With a distributed frame reference, it provides a single ethernet control interface for access to all MatchBox Modules. Keeping your trusted, rock solid Matchbox technology inside.

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