MatchBox Glass FREE iOS app now available to download

Hitomi's MatchBox solutions have been delivering peace of mind to the broadcast industry around the world for many years, providing an easy and accurate method for near instant timing alignment of sound and vision.

Now our highly anticipated free MatchBox Glass app is available to download from the Apple app store and to make things easier still we're offering a free 30-day trial of the license to use the app on your MatchBox Analyser* to help you get started.

 James Robinson, Director, Hitomi, with his crystal ball for 2020

Remote production is transforming the way broadcasters and producers cover sport, and is sure to be a dominant trend in 2020. By carrying all the camera and microphone signals back to base for live production and post, sports coverage can be crafted better, with more engagement for the viewer and cost-efficiencies for the production company through higher equipment utilisation. Global events can be – and are – covered from a single, dedicated facility for consistency and ease of distribution. The world of e-sports led the way in remote production, and now traditional sports are scrambling to catch up to reap the benefits.

Avoid misalignment

and the disputes that follow


When a lip sync error occurs on a live broadcast everyone in the chain worries if they are responsible. This can lead to some unfortunate disputes. With Hitomi MatchBox, accurate synchronisation on departure can be demonstrated, as can misalignment on arrival. Evidence based data can mitigate liability.

Features include


Generator So much more than lip-sync

Hitomi has put together a complete test pattern generator, with wide range of patterns.

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Line Identification anti-aliased text

A range of available fonts, sizes and colours to get your line identification across.

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4K Inter-quadrant alignment100% ultral Responsive

In a matter of seconds, MatchBox 4K will check whether video and audio are in sync.

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3 features
Phase Coherence & levelsPrecise alignment of audio legs

MatchBox measures coherence to a precision of 0.01 samples.

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Through delayThis is cool

Read what Dolby's John Hope had to say about our product and its features.

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16 Channelsof Embedded Audio

MatchBox is a complete line-up tool kit with state-of-the-art features.

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Testimonials About Us

  • The device is an integral part of our UHD vehicles ... we very quickly and easily ensure that both the internal and the outgoing signal flow between video and audio are always in sync

    Christoph Moll Technical Manager, Outside Broadcast TVN
  • Our MatchBoxes are an absolutely essential piece of equipment which enables us to quickly analyse where any delays are in the chain.

    Dan McDonnell Managing Director Timeline
  • With 4K transmissions, there is a relatively high processing delay for video compared with the audio. The only way to measure the discrepancy out of the HEVC encoder is by using a Hitomi MatchBox

    Lee Wright Senior Broadcast Engineer Timeline