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New MatchBox Glass Software Version Released

Streamlining Remote Production Workflows 

We are pleased to announce the release of the new software version V1.11.8_3295 for MatchBox Glass. This update includes several improvements to the app, including improved handling of low frame rate sources and faster measurement capabilities. 

MatchBox Glass is a powerful app designed for professional content creators. It works in conjunction with MatchBox Analyser and Generator to test audio and video links and replaces the need for human intervention. With MatchBox Glass, users can make measurements simply and quickly by holding an iPhone or iPad running the free iOS app in front of up to four cameras. 

When enabled with the licence for Glass, the remote MatchBox Analyser in the OB truck or MCR can quickly and accurately measure video and audio timing differences across all four cameras. This vastly accelerates the process of onsite synchronisation and ensures that any synchronisation issues can be caught before they leave the site. 

The new software version V1.11.8_3295 for MatchBox Glass is now available for download from within the support area of the website. Overall, this update represents an important step forward in streamlining the production process for remote productions. 

Download from our support page >

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