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Hear What You See with Hitomi

For sports fans watching a big game live on TV, one of the most frustrating things that can spoil enjoyment is when the sound and picture are not aligned. For example, if you hear the stadium crowd roar before you see a goal scored, that is hugely annoying. Advertisers also take a very dim view of inferior quality coverage. Matchbox from Hitomi Broadcast is the answer to these problems. It measures audio/video alignment precisely - providing an accurate figure of skew.

When things go wrong it can be hard to know why. The providers of the feed often get the blame for something that isn't their fault, as the problem may be introduced further down the broadcasting chain. Wouldn't it be great for content originators if there was a way they could prove sound and picture were synced up when their feed left the venue?

When there is an issue as in the above scenario, how do poorly aligned broadcasts get fixed? - usually by adding delay. The question is, how much delay and to which element in the chain? Is it very hard to tell by ear and eye alone as each person's perception varies. The exact amount of delay required to fix problems is provided to the user by MatchBox as a measurement and once the correction is applied it gives the user reassurance that perfect lip-sync is achieved and is backed up by mathematical and scientific data.

Matchbox is in use around the world at prestigious sporting events and is becoming an industry standard. It is fast, reliable and often a great settler of arguments...

Galllery: "The signal you are giving me is out of lip-sync!"
OB truck: "No it isn't, I can prove that, I've measured it with Matchbox."


Hitomi's name means "pupil of the eye" in Japanese Hitomi Broadcast was founded by two masterminds who bring with them many decades of experience in the industry working within major broadcast manufacturers. The company is operated from Slough in Berkshire, UK and is dedicated to helping customers line up live broadcasts, effortlessly. Hitomi technology is now integrated into numerous systems worldwide and is used by a multitude of high calibre events and productions.


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