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How Hitomi MatchBox is solving latency for remote and virtual production

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Recently, Hitomi’s Broadcast Director, Russell Johnson sat down with the KitPlus team to discuss the new latency feature for MatchBox which will be showcased for the very first time at NAB 2022. This feature further strenghtens MatchBox's capabilities as it measures the actual time of flight of video signals from the front of multiple cameras or at various point throught the broadcast chain with milli-seconds accuracy. 

'If you've got a reporter in the field and all they've got with them is their iPhone, you don't know what the time delay is between them answering the question and the person in the newsroom asking the question. With latency, we can do exactly that. We can give them the time of flight from the phone, all the way back to the newsroom'. -Russell Johnson

He also talks about the importance of alignment, latency issues for remote and virtual production and real-life applications of this exciting new feature. 

You can watch the full interview below:

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