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MatchBox Glass: "That's pretty nice!" says Christoph Moll

Recently, we announced that TVN Live Production, one of Europe's leading mobile production companies, purchased three MatchBox Generator and Analyser systems complete with MatchBox Glass licenses for upgraded capability across its studio complexes in Hamburg and Hanover as well as in its OB trucks. Read more here >

Christoph Moll, Technical manager at TVN LIVE PRODUCTION, has been a user of Hitomi's lip sync and alignment products for live sports for several years. Here he is talking to KitPlus TV about his experience of the MatchBox Glass app:

"The Glass app gives us a huge advantage and means that we can once again extend the reliability of synchronous video / audio transmission, even when we process signals from external service providers. Everyone on the team has an iPhone at hand and can access the app and test audio and video links from in front of the camera quickly and easily. In the OB van, we can read the runtime with the Hitomi system and seamlessly make adjustments accordingly."

- Christoph Moll - Technical manager at TVN LIVE PRODUCTION

Watch the full KitPlus news video here 

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