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Sustainability in live production

“Climate change driven by carbon dioxide release is having negative effects the world over, with melting sea ice, regular extreme weather events and global warming harming the oceans and other delicate ecosystems. In 2021, the concentration of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere will reach 417 parts per million – 50% higher than before the industrial revolution – while half of the increase in CO2 in the past 300 years has occurred since 1980” (IBC 365 April 2021).  

With climate change and the environmental impact of carbon emissions one of the hottest topics for every industry today, many broadcasters and production companies in the media sector have committed to some very ambitious sustainability objectives aimed at to reduce carbon footprints in emissions through remote productions, energy savings and offsetting carbon emissions. 

Hitomi is delighted to be participating in the IBC Accelerator Programme this year and to be a part of the Sustainability in Live Production project team. Join us (date to be confirmed) on IBC Digital when we will be joining leading broadcasters and production companies to discuss and demonstrate how they use remote productions to meet ambitious sustainability objectives to reduce carbon footprints and offset carbon emissions. 

Part of checking the effectiveness of any new workflow, such as remote production, is to measure quality metrics of the coverage and end-to-end delay is one of them. Hitomi's new MatchBox Latency feature adds the ability to quantify the actual time of flight from the front of multiple cameras, all the way through the broadcast chain, with milli-second accuracy.   

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