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Is remote production here to stay?

The recent KitPlus Show at MediaCityUK was a great opportunity to meet with customers and partners face to face in a COVID safe environment.

Hitomi Director Russell Johnson joined the IABM panel session lead by Darren Whitehead to give his reaction to the latest trends research around centralised production in a panel session discussing the merits of remote production, its applications and what it means for the future of production.

"We've seen quite a lot of extra interest in people trying to improve the quality of their remote productions," Johnson said. "Hitomi makes measurements of lip-sync and timing alignments. In the early days of the pandemic it was a case of 'anything will do, we just need to go on air.' But people now are a little bit intolerant of things being out of sync and they're expecting things to look professional again. And so there's been a big increase in our products which measure that stuff."

Watch the full session below:

For access to this and the other seminars held at the KitPlus Show, visit the KitPlus website here >

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