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IABM TV: In conversation with Hitomi Broadcast

Hitomi Broadcast Director, Russell Johnson, discusses the solutions Hitomi offer for lip-sync and beyond and the launch of the Matchbox Glass app with Ben Dales from IABM.

Russell talked about the different alignment solutions that Hitomi offer - not just audio to video but also audio to audio and video to video. This is achieved by a special Test Pattern Generator with text or audio idents to identify individual feeds along with the MatchBox Analyser for accurate measurement of differences between input feeds. Hitomi "measures when it's wrong and proves when it's right" which can be very useful especially for high profile live events to avoid any potential disputes.

The ease of use of the technology was discussed. For example, the MatchBox Analyser overlays colour-coded visual representation of the alignment matches so that operators in the Master Control Room can quickly respond to misalignment issues if necessary.

Ben was interested to know about the latest member of the Hitomi MatchBox family of products, Glass. This is a free iOS app, Russell explained, that allows lip-sync tests for camera mics remotely and feeds back into the MatchBox Analyser. To help people get started, Hitomi are offering a 30-day free trial licence for MatchBox Analyser customers.

Watch the video in full below:

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