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With the UHD live broadcast finding its feet, line up from OB through an unproven 4K quad-link path can be challenging. In a matter of seconds, MatchBox 4K will check whether video and audio are in sync, that audio channels are coherent are timed with each other (to a subsample precision), and quadrants are correctly timed with respect to each other.

Inter-quadrant timing errors can be a nightmare; a rogue synchroniser in the chain of one quadrant left with a delay setting from a previous project, or routing through mismatched paths can cause chaos. MatchBox 4K gives operators immediate confidence that timing is precisely controlled – measuring with pixel precision up to hundreds of frames giving confidence that quad-link channels are timed correctly together ensuring harmony with the next piece of equipment in the chain.

Knowing space is at a premium, be it in OB or fixed installation, Hitomi has squeezed Matchbox 4K into a compact 1RU chasis only 150 mm deep.  You can even pack a reader and generator into that space.  If that doesn't fit the bill two readers, two generators or just one of either can be factory fitted.


  • Lip Sync Timing Measurement
  • Compatible with Pro-Bel VALID8
  • Audio Coherence Measurement
  • Quad-link Timing Check
  • SDI / Reference Timing Measurement
  • Dual redundant fans & power
  • Web browser based control interface.
  • 4K/3G/HD/SD TPG
  • 4 Lines of Video Text Ident
  • Voice Synthesised Audio Idents
  • Picture edge markers
  • Precision Genlocking
  • 16 Channels Audio tones
  • Flexible Video IO through SFP fibre / copper / 2022-6
  • Mix & Match Readers/Generators in 1RU frame

Available now – Demonstrations IBC2016 Hall 2 Stand C17 or make contact through the web site.

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Available now – Demonstrations IBC2016 Hall 2 Stand C17 or make contact through the web site.

Hitomi's name means "pupil of the eye" in Japanese and it can also mean "wisdom, intellect" (hito) and "beautiful" (mi). Hitomi Broadcast was founded by two masterminds who bring with them many decades of experience in the industry from a number of major broadcast manufacturers. The company is operated from Slough in Berkshire, UK and is dedicated to helping customers achieve exceptional live broadcasts, effortlessly. Our technology is now integrated into numerous systems worldwide and is used by a multitude of high caliber events and productions.

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