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MatchBox Glass in action at Timeline TV

Timeline TV use MatchBox Glass to check their audio and video feeds are in total alignment before going ahead with their live broadcast. Russell Johnson of Hitomi Broadcast visited the Timeline TV team at Ealing Studios where they were preparing for a Remote Production broadcast of the Barclay’s FA Women's Super League.

In the video below you’ll see the MatchBox Analyser in the studio measuring the misalignment of 25ms that was soon corrected to 0 much to everyone’s delight:

MatchBox Glass is a free iOS app that you can see here being used on location in the stadium at Manchester when one of the Remote Production team on location has placed a tablet running the Glass app in front of the camera.

Back in the studio, you can hear the audio checks being received at regular intervals. The MatchBox Analyser in the studio calculates the difference between what it knows should be there and what it actually receives. A precise reading indicates the difference between audio and video feeds which can then be easily corrected.

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