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Introducing Matchbox “Glass”

MatchBox Glass

Hitomi IOS App - lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras



Just as everyone notices when vision and sound don’t match, everyone has a different opinion by how much it might be out. The only way to ensure correct lip-sync is to have something that can measure it.  Simply hold up an iPad or iPhone in shot and within seconds the Hitomi Matchbox analyser at the far end of the broadcast path gives a measurement of A/V alignment.  Be it a news reporter in the field, an outside broadcast or remote production of an event - Matchbox Glass is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to check mic sound matches camera pictures.

Matchbox from Hitomi is an accurate audio/video alignment solution used by the broadcast industry worldwide. Live coverage of sports, events and news are timed up with it. Until now, it has needed to be “wired-in” at the source to check a link but not anymore…

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